Yrittäjät came to us with a need for a new kind of emotional connection to their audiences. Their aim was to reinterpret the meaning of entrepreneurship in Finland, and to completely modernize their marketing communication. Yrittäjät is a well-established organization, known across the country, but their brand aesthetics has been carrying design roots from their birth in the 90’s. Our challenge? How to take a seasoned icon and turn it into a relevant player in today’s marketing field.
Marketing concept
Campaign concept
photo- and videography
Tone of voice
Logo refresh
Graphic design
typographic hierarchy
Brand manual update

Our strategic approach was to fully change the way Yrittäjät viewed their marketing. They needed to move from individual, scattered campaign endeavors into a coherent, conceptual way of communicating to their target groups. Through our research we discovered that entrepreneurship was still seen as something vague and impersonal, lacking the emotional touch-points that the Finnish youth could identify with.

So, we created a marketing concept that celebrates entrepreneurship in all its glory but also in all its hardships. We based our concept in honest and open storytelling of entrepreneur life with real people and their real-life successes and losses. Within the concept, the audience gets to travel to the good and bad days of entrepreneurship with documented stories tied within a consistent photo- and videography.

In look & feel, as well as creating a plethora of new graphical assets, we modernized their well-known Y -symbol and typographic hierarchy. By utilizing the existing brand work of an esteemed organization, we refreshed the Yrittäjät brand to the design level and attention-to-detail of the modern, quality-conscious consumer. All our work was ultimately updated into the Yrittäjät brand manual.